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Online proof of knowledge preparation and exam

3 individual LIVE webinars for preparation on different days and eLeaning access
Complete package for 199CHF incl. Online exam A2 course and on-site exam in Bern for 169CHF

Online EU remote pilot certificate (A2) preparation and examination

3 individual LIVE webinars for preparation on different days and eLeaning access
Complete package for 199CHF incl. Online examA2 online course and on-site exam in Bern for CHF 169

What clients say

In this video you can see customer feedback right after the A2 online exam:

What our clients say

Risk Mitigation

LIVE Webinar-Module
Duration: aprox. 2 Hours
Every We, Fr and Su

Flight performance and navigation

LIVE Webinar-Module
Duration: aprox. 2 Hours
Every Thu, Fr and Su


LIVE Webinar-Module
Duration: aprox. 2 Hours
Every Thu, Fr and Su

eLearning for interactive preparation

eLearning Plattform
All subject areas with exercises
Anytime access with login
100+ knowledge check online-quiz

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A2 EU-Fernpilotenzeugnis Online-Kurs und BAZL vor-Ort-Prüfung (#225156)
A2 EU-Fernpilotenzeugnis Online-Kurs und Online-Prüfung (#219892)

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Our weekly schedule for the online courses for the A2 remote pilot’s certificate

Our online webinars (presented by Nico) with LIVE chat support (Anna is constantly in the chat and Nico after the presentation in the Q&A session) take place 4 times a week every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. You can either book all modules on one day or distribute them as you wish during the week. After each course order, you will receive at least access to the theory modules O, Y and L.

Optional: We recommend booking the remote practice and thus also the module X: Practical qualification in order to receive an additional confirmation of your practical self-declaration from us. In extreme cases, if something happens, this can be decisive in clarifying the question of liability.

After your payment to us, you will automatically receive access to our booking system and can reserve your webinar space in each of the modules. After you have attended all modules, you will automatically have access to our exam calendar. The online exam takes place every week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

We look forward to your visit to the webinar modules.

Module Y


aprox. 90 Minutes

According to the guidelines of the LBA, 6 questionson the following topics are asked in the A2 exam:

  • Weather influences on the operation of an
    unmanned aircraft
  • Wind (e.g. urban effects,
    turbulence, etc.)
  • Temperature, temperature, air density
  • Obtaining weather forecasts

Module L

Risk Mitigation

approx. 120 minutes

According to the guidelines of the LBA,12 questions on the following topics are asked in the A2 exam:

  • Typical operating range of unmanned aircraft in the rotary wing, fixed wing and hybrid configuration categories
  • Mass and balance,
    center of gravity
  • Securing the payload
  • Batteries / rechargeable batteries

Module O

Flight performance and navigation

approx. 150 minutes

According to the guidelines of the LBA, 14 questionson the following topics are asked in the A2 exam:

  • Functions in slow flight mode
  • Assessment of the distance to people
  • 1:1 Rule

A2-Online Exam

32 Questions in 40 Minutes

max. 6 Participants at the same time

Feedback after passing the exam

In this video we recorded some feedback from our customers right after the exam:

Personal Training

On the day of the exam, our examiner Nico will first contact you on your mobile phone. Via a telephone video connection (Facetime, Skype, Teams or WhatsApp), Nico examines your room to see if it is suitable for the exam. You must follow all of the auditor’s instructions during the online process. Your examination room must be a lockable room, without additional people or disturbing sources of noise above the concentration threshold of 40 dB (examples: room fan: 35 dB, lawn mower at a distance of 10 m: 60 dB).


The room scan

During the test, no windows / viewing openings are permitted in your viewing direction, behind which other people could stand. No aids are allowed in the room or on the table.

With the room approved for the exam, you will need to position your phone in a side seat (phone holder or some books) with video enabled. Alternatively, you can position a second camera at a side angle that shows you, your desk, and your laptop or computer screen.

Remote access via Teamviewer

The next step is the connection to the screen and camera of your computer via TeamViewer. Please download TeamViewer in advance from this link and install it. Nico or Anna will guide you through the online exam rules. If you have no further questions, you can start your online exam directly while Anna and Nico watch your screen and both cameras. You can ask comprehension questions at any time during the exam by contacting the examiner via chat or audio.


Completion of the exam

You will receive your result immediately after the test as well as a test report by email within 1-2 working days. You send this signed back to us by email. Your file will then be sent to the Federal Aviation Office in Germany.


Get Your EU-Remote-Pilots-Licence

You will usually receive your official A2 drone pilot’s license by email within a few days and can also download it as a PDF file in your LBA profile on this [LINK] That´s how it looks like:

Some Decision Help

Why should you work with us?

Incl. A1 / A3 EU competence certificate

In our online courses “Safe Flying” and “Complete Package”, support for the A1 / A3 online exam by Nico or Anna by Teamviwer is already included in the price. Choose an appointment and pass it is guaranteed – otherwise you will get your money back.

Study quizzes at any time

Whether on the train, in the garden or on the go – with our online quiz modules and the recordings of the webinars you have attended, you can prepare for your A2 exam anywhere and anytime by repeating it.

Our Experience

From 2017 to 2020 nicopter GmbH was approved by the Federal Aviation Office (LBA) as an operating and testing facility of the recognized body DE.AST.001 UAVDACH-Services UG for the examination of remote pilot´s licenses according to § 21d of the Aviation Ordinance. During this time, we trained over 400 pilots for the successfully completed test.

Recognized Body by LBA

Since January 2021 we have been offering training courses to obtain the EU certificate of competence and the EU remote pilot’s certificate. As the regional office of DE.PStF.010 UAVDACH-Services UG notified by the LBA, we also take the official test for the EU remote pilot’s certificate A2 according to the latest regulation (EU) 2019/947.

A1/A3 and A2 remote pilot's certificate as a credit card for FREE!

Upon request, all candidates will receive their A1 / A3 and A2 pilot’s license in the check card format by mail after they have passed the exam. FREE OF CHARGE!

The book for exam preparation

Our course material “EU drone piloting licenses compact – start now as an EU remote pilot” is now available and will be sent to all courses for download. In addition to the exam material, it also contains numerous case studies and background information for better understanding

Requirements for the classroom examination in Bern at the FOCA on site

You will need this for the driving test at the FOCA in Bern.

  • Valid identity card or passport (original included)
  • Parental consent if the age at the time of the exam is between 16-18 years
  • Waiting time, as there are very few places available for the face-to-face exam.

Requirements for the online exam

You need this for the online preparation and online A2 exam by nicopter GmbH.

Before the online exam:

During the online exam:

  • PC/Mac or laptop with webcam (HD) and Teamviewer
  • Chrome Webbrowser installed
  • Smartphone with camera (at least HD) and installed Skype orFacebook Messenger orWhatsapp
  • Stable Internet Connection
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