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Pass the A2 EU remote pilot’s certificate online exam with us in a few days and, if not already available, the A1 / A3 EU proof of competence in the accompanied online procedure.

Our weekly calendar for the online courses

Our weekly courses take place 4 times a week every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. You can either book all modules on one day or distribute the week as you wish. There is no specific order for Theory Modules O, Y and L. Hoever, we recommend that you book Module X: Practical Exam Preparation after you have attended the other modules. After your payment you will have access to our booking system and can reserve your place in any of the modules. We look forward to your visit to the webinars.

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I really enjoyed the drone workshop with theory and practice. With Anna and Nico I had a very competent person by my side and in practice I felt safe and in good hands because it is not that easy. Therefore, the course is always recommended.

David L.

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Professional training in unmanned aviation

Pilots in theopen category with a take-off mass of900g < MTOM < 4kg flying near persons in category A2 – CE C2 must have an EU long-distance pilot certificate A2. This includes pilots of existing drones that have a take-off mass: 250g < MTOM < 2kg. These drones are allowed to operate until 2023.

In all of our courses, we interview the pilot prior to the start of the course to ensure proper training based on prior knowledge and expected results. The theory test takes place after the online training. 32 questions are asked during the exam. The examinee must answer 75% of the questions correctly in order to pass the exam.

All webinars, training materials and exam questions are available in German and English.

After successfully completing this examination, we will send all examination documents to the LBA in order to receive an A2 registration for you.

The training is carried out directly by Nico and Anna. After completing your registration, you will have access to our schedule and your personal online learning portal with all the necessary learning materials for 6 months.

The training is conducted via webinarjam to ensure overall platform compatibility.


What does the online exam look like?

On the day of the exam, our examiner Nico will first contact you on your mobile phone. Via a telephone video connection (Facetime, Skype, Teams or WhatsApp), Nico examines your room to see if it is suitable for the exam. Your examination room must be a lockable room, without additional people or disturbing sources of noise above the concentration threshold of 40 dB (examples: room fan: 35 dB, lawn mower at a distance of 10 m: 60 dB).

During the examination, no windows / viewing openings are permitted in your viewing direction. You must follow all of the auditor’s instructions during the online process. No aids are allowed in the room or on the table.

With the room approved for the exam, you will need to position your phone in a side seat (phone holder or some books) with video enabled. Alternatively, you can position a second camera at a side angle that shows you, your desk, and your laptop or computer screen.

The next step is the connection to the screen and camera of your computer via TeamViewer. Please download TeamViewer in advance from this link and install it. Nico or Anna will guide you through the online exam rules. If you have no further questions, you can start your online exam directly while Anna and Nico watch your screen and both cameras.

You will receive your result immediately after the test and your file will be sent to the LBA in Germany so that your official A2 drone pilot license can be issued within a few days.



Feedback from our customers after passing the online exam

A1/A3 EU-Kompetenznachweis Echtzeit Begleitung bei der Online-Prüfung

Kurs buchen – Termin sichern. Nach der Buchung vereinbaren wir einen persönlichen Online-Termin für die Ausbildung per Teamviwer und Prüfung beim LBA. Die Gesamtdauer ist 60-90 Minuten.


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From 2017 to 2020 nicopter GmbH was approved by the Federal Aviation Office (LBA) as an operating and testing facility of the recognized body DE.AST.001 UAVDACH-Services UG for the examination of remote pilot´s licenses according to § 21d of the Aviation Ordinance. During this time, we trained over 400 pilots for the successfully completed test. Since January 2021 we have been offering training courses to obtain the EU certificate of competence and the EU remote pilot’s certificate. As the regional office of DE.PStF.010 UAVDACH-Services UG notified by the LBA, we also take the official test for the EU remote pilot’s certificate A2 according to the latest regulation (EU) 2019/947.