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Drones for Mosquito Control – New Technologies for an Old Problem

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Leading Edge Aerial Technologies has been working on mosquito control since he entered the industry with a college internship in 1985. Now, the company is making a major impact with their drone for mosquito control. The PrecisionVision product line is designed, engineered, and built in the U.S. – with features that address the needs of the mosquito control industry. The PrecisionVision 35X “uses global positioning systems and remote sensing units on the UAS to digitally inspect large areas, record and analyze data, and create polygons, flight paths, and treatment points,” explains a company press release. “The UAS is then able to return to treat targeted areas with precision and accuracy – within 4 centimeters – all under the control of a trained and licensed UAS pilot. What once took a team of inspectors and specialty vehicles days to manage has been reduced to just hours.” Read More…