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Tübingen – Intensive course theory & practice with examination for the EU remote pilot certificate A2 (duration 2 days)

A2 EU remote pilot’s certificate – ONLINE theory preparation and practical training including exam in theory and practice


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Intensive course theory & practice with examination for the EU remote pilot’s certificate A2 and segment deepening (duration 2 days)

FLYING SAFELYmeans: You receive valuable knowledge so that you can take off safely with your drone without running the risk of crashing or losing the drone due to a flyaway (uncontrolled flight). No less important are good flight preparation and a minimum level of knowledge of the rules and regulations of air traffic. The new EU drone regulation has been in force in the EU member states since December 31, 2020. The new regulation also introduced new EU drone driving licenses, which are mandatory for the operation of most drones. With the A2 EU remote pilot’s certificate, for example, in the permit-free open category in urban areas with drones up to 4 kg take-off weight in slow flight mode with max. 10 km / h can even be flown up to 5 m to uninvolved persons.

Training content for obtaining the A2 EU remote pilot’s certificate

Theory (duration 1 day)

We prepare you for the theory test in a face-to-face course or three webinars with live chat support:

Module 1: Technical and operational reduction of risks on the ground (duration: approx. 2 hours)

  • Functions in slow flight mode
  • Assessment of the distance to people
  • The 1:1 Rule


Module 2: Flight performance (duration: approx. 2 hours)

  • Typical operating range of unmanned aircraft in the rotary wing, fixed wing and hybrid configuration categories
  • Mass and balance, center of gravity


Module 3: Meteorology (duration: approx. 2 hours)

  • Weather influences on the operation of an unmanned aircraft
  • Obtaining weather forecasts

This is followed by the theoretical A2 online exam in accordance with EU Regulation 2019/947.

Practice (duration 1 day)

Flight training with support from the flight trainer

  • General Introduction
  • Preparation and end of a flight
  • Instruction flight with and without GPS
  • Horizontal and hover flight
  • Emergency exercises and traffic pattern
  • Practical planning of flight operations

This is followed by the practical exam. You are welcome to bring your own drone for the practical part, if you already have one. The A2 EU remote pilot’s certificate is valid for 5 years across Europe.


With this complete package, you have a free choice in the segment deepening for the practical part. Before or after the practice, we will also activate you for the necessary webinars if the segment you have selected requires preparation or post-processing. Please select the desired specialization from our segments and contact us before the practice day so that we can prepare your desired package.

We currently offer specialization in the following segments:

Weitere Details finden Sie hier: https://dronelions.academy/dronelions-academy-segmentausbildung-und-mentorship-programme/

Requirements for participation in the EU remote pilot’s certificate exam

  • Valid identity card or passport (original, for identification)
  • 16 years of age at the day of the exam
  • Declaration about existing investigative procedures and storage of data, waiver of claims for compensation for any damage
  • A1 / A3 EU competence certificate (can be booked in addition)

After registering, you will receive a separate link for the forms mentioned, which you can use to download and sign the documents. We will also send you our course calendar, in which you can freely choose your 3x online course modules.

Course of the theory exam

After attending the webinars, you can register for the online exam. We offer these flexibly several times a week. The exam comprises a total of 32 multiple-choice questions on the above three subject areas and lasts 40 minutes. To pass the exam, a total of 75% of the three subject areas must be answered correctly. The result of the examination will be communicated immediately after the examination. If you fail the exam, it can be repeated after 5 working days at the earliest. The A2 EU remote pilot’s certificate is valid for 5 years across Europe.

Feedback from our customers after passing the online exam:


Target Group

Beginners, lateral entrants, advanced pilots with first flight experience, craftsmen from the construction sector, architects, facility managers, forestry and agriculture, experts, those interested in drones

Your Training and Coaching Team

We, Anna and Nico from the droneLIONS Academy (a brand of nicopter GmbH), trainers since 2017, accompany you during the preparation and examination for the A2 EU remote pilot certificate. We train you online via webinar in the three relevant theory areas and support you personally in the practical phase. A drone is required for remote practice. You are welcome to bring your own drone, if you have one. We are happy to offer you detailed advice on purchasing the drone that suits your area of ​​application. In the practical part there is the possibility to test different drone models. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.