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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Which "Drohnenführerscheine%are there?

According to Regulation (EU) 2019/947, there are two different types of documents for controllers of unmanned aerial systems = engl. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the Open Category – the EU Certificate of Competence (A1/A3) and the EU Remote Pilot Certificate (A2). Both are valid for 5 years and must be extended by repeat examinations or refresher courses. They are always issued by the national aviation authority (e.g. FOCA/FOCA in CH or LBA in Germany)

Can I get a Swiss operator ID with a German A2 or vice versa?

Yes, this is possible and even necessary if, for example, the UA is insured and operated in Switzerland, but the remote pilot has received his A2 in Germany from the LBA or another EASA member state. Decisive for the correct authority where the operator ID is applied for, where the natural person or company (legal entity) is registered. With the pilot eID, it depends on the country in which the remote pilot has his main residence.

What is the difference between the ID of the pilot and the operator eID?
The ID of the pilot (also called identification number) is written on the A1/A3 or A2 remote pilot certificate and identifies the respective remote pilot regardless of whether and which drone he controls. The operator eID, on the other hand, must be attached to the drone independently of the remote pilot (legible and permanent), e.g. with a label printer, so that the holder of the UA can be determined by the authorities.
Can I obtain the German A2 remote pilot certificate from the LBA with an A1/A3 from Switzerland or another EASA member state?
Yes, this is possible. An A1/A3 certificate of competence must and will be recognised for admission to the A2 remote pilot certificate examination, regardless of which EASA member state originally issued it.
Do I have to repeat the exam if I have taken the A2 free of charge at FOCA and would like to fly in another EASA member state (e.g. Germany)?
Yes. The A2 remote pilot certificate from the “UAS gate”, which was filed online at the FOCA before 31.12.2022, is not recognised in any other EASA member state, as it was not carried out according to the so-called Proctor-Ident procedure. This is mandatory for all EASA member states for the A2. Thus, any person could have taken the exam online for any other person with a Swiss ID or settlement permit, as this person was neither identified nor prevented from attempting to deceive. Thus, an official A2 remote pilot certificate examination according to the EASA guidelines is required if you want to fly to A2 in a member state other than Switzerland. This does not apply to the A1/A3 certificate of competence. This is valid both in Switzerland and in any other EASA member state, as the Proctor-Ident procedure is not prescribed for the A1/A3.