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Drones hovered over Shanghai’s futuristic backdrop and a QR code became visible

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Science fiction fans know it from stories of neo noir such as Blade Runner: Huge neon signs dominate the urban scene. The developer forge Bili Bili & Cygames has now taken this type of advertising to the next level. In Shanghai, she commissioned the drone experts from High Great to conjure up animated figures in the night sky using a synchronized swarm of drones. The scenes came from the mobile game Princess Connect Re: Dive, whose anniversary Bili Bili & Cygames celebrated in this way, as reported by Techtimes.

Shanghai QR code drones

The drones recreated game scenes from the mobile game. (Photo: QR Tiger)

For this purpose, High Great used around 1,500 drones, which completed an exact choreography. In the end, the crush showed a QR code that referred to the game. It was not the first large-scale use of drones for advertising purposes. Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis once had 3,281 minicopters used to, among other things, put the company logo in the sky of Shanghai. The event broke the GuinnessWorld Record for most unmanned aerial vehicles operating simultaneously. The presentations show new possibilities and marketing instruments. With drones and QR codes, the Asian players are treading completely new advertising channels that feel like science fiction. Here is a video of the event: https://youtu.be/2A6YFv7zVL4