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A1 / A3 EU proof of competence Real-time support during the online exam

Book a course – secure an appointment. After booking, we will arrange a personal online appointment for the training by team viwer and examination at the LBA. The total duration is 60-90 minutes.



This course prepares you for the so-called “small drone driving license” A1 / A3 EU competence certificate. We accompany you during the online exam with our tool Teamviewer and help you with difficult questions before and during the exam.

The new EU drone regulation has been in force in the EU member states since December 31, 2020. The new regulation also introduced new EU drone driving licenses, which are mandatory for the operation of most drones.

FLYING SAFELY means – you get a lot of valuable knowledge and practical experience so that you can take off independently with your drone without running the risk of “crashing” the drone or losing it through a flyaway (uncontrolled flight). No less important is good flight preparation and a minimum level of knowledge of the rules and regulations of air traffic. A lack of knowledge can quickly become expensive!

Target group : career changers, beginners, interested drone buyers, drone owners, advanced users with initial flight experience

Training content for obtaining the A1 / A3 EU competence certificate

-Air safety,
-Airspace restrictions,
-Aerial Law,
-General knowledge of UAS,
-Protection of privacy and data,
insurance, aviation security
-Human performance and its limits,
operating procedures,

This is followed by the LBA online exam, which consists of a multiple-choice test with 40 questions and instructions for self-declaration about practical skills.

Requirements for participation in the examination for the EU competence certificate

Feedback from our customers after passing the online exam:

Your trainer team

We, Anna and Nico from droneLIONS Academy (a brand of nicopter GmbH), trainers since 2017, accompany you during the preparation and examination for the A1 / A3 EU competence certificate and A2 EU remote pilot certificate. We train you online via webinar in all relevant theoretical areas and support you personally in the practical phase for the A2 remote pilot’s certificate. A drone is required for remote practice. You are welcome to bring your own drone, if you have one. We are happy to offer you detailed advice on purchasing the drone that suits your area of ​​application. In the practical part (which can be booked as an option) there is the possibility of testing different drone models. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +4917624821017.